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About Me

I am Goddess Ona, and I've been practicing recycling, reclaiming and upcycling for many years.  To help add some charm and magic to the lives of others, I've decided it's time to share this passion.

I am Mom to 1 son, 3 cats, 8 fish and 'hundreds' of birds.  A wife that loves handmade gifts, ghost stories, AC/DC, Halloween, thrift stores and all things vintage!  I'm an artsy girl and craft addict that loves lace, high heels, baubles, frills & too much glitter, my motorcycle and my bike; a guerrilla gardener, decorating my home; an entrepreneur & nature lover who's obsessed with urban exploring; addicted to sending surprise gifts and cards, other peoples laughter & comedies.  I'm a night owl who stays up late to work on that next awesome project, listen to the night music, visit with fairies or just bathe in the moonlight.

About CharmedUs

CharmedUs is for people to access and share ideas that inspire them to create and support sustainable communities, protect nature and preserve life.  For those with a vision to motivate the masses from being bystanders into being participants in world change.

I respect the earth, it's oceans and sky.  And I work diligently to educate and teach others in the beauty to be found in recycled art.  

Along with recycling, I offer herbs for use in a variety of methods, including potpourris, teas and spells.

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